how to build a coffee table with tv

DIY – How to Build a Coffee Table with TV

Building a coffee table with a built-in TV can add both style and convenience to your living room. It also saves room compared to having a separate coffee table and media stand. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build your own TV-equipped coffee table.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Before you start assembling your table, you’ll need the following items:

  • TV stand
  • Coffee table materials: Depending on the style of table you’d like, you may need planks, screws, hinges, coatings, and more
  • Power tools: This can include a hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, and any other power tools you might need.
  • TV: Make sure to check the dimensions of your TV so you can fit it in the table.

Assemble Your TV Stand

To create a sturdy base for your coffee table, construct your TV stand. This will depend on the materials you’ve purchased and the style you’re building.

Common components of a TV stand include:

  • Back panel, which is the foundation of your TV stand
  • Legs, which can either be separate or built-in
  • Shelves, which can be adjustable or permanently attached

Remember to secure all components with screws and if necessary, add extra boards or supports to make sure the table is sturdy.

Build the Coffee Table

Now it’s time to assemble the actual table. Start out by measuring and cutting the materials needed. You may want to use planks, side panels, and top panels of different sizes. If you want to add any type of covering or coating to the table, you should do it before putting the different pieces together.

As for the actual assembly, you can use screws, nails, or any other type of fasteners. You’ll also need to decide if you want the table to have any drawers, built-in storage, or extra features such as wheels.

Install the TV

Once you’ve finished the assembly, it’s time to install the TV in the table. Most modern TVs have mounting panels at the back, which allow you to attach the TV to the back panel of the table. Make sure to use the appropriate screws to secure the TV in place.

If necessary, you can then add hinges or mechanisms to open the table and access the TV screen. You may want to wire the TV to its power source and any other cables or accessories at this stage.

Finish Up

Finally, you can put the finishing touches on your coffee table. This can include adding shelves, lids, drawers, and other features such as drink holders. Additionally, if you used any type of coating or protection, you should test it to make sure it’s secure and won’t cause any damage to your TV.

Now you have a stylish and functional coffee table with a built-in TV! If done correctly, your coffee table should last for years to come.

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