how to build a coffee table out of a log

Building a Coffee Table Out of a Log

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture, but why buy a boring, run-of-the-mill table from a store when you can make one yourself? Making a coffee table from a log is a unique and original way to bring some rustic charm to your living room. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Select and Source the Log

Find a log that’s big enough, with a rough circumference of around 1.2 meters and a length of a meter or more, so it’s wide enough to provide ample space on the tabletop. Ensure it is free from rot or cracks. You can source a log from a number of places, depending on your local area:

  • Forestry commission or forest
  • Local sawmill or tree surgeon
  • Arboricultural society

Step 2: Prepare the Log

  • Measure and mark the center point on the end of the log with a pencil.
  • Chop off the ends of the log, using a saw or chainsaw, to form a flat and even surface on the top and bottom.
  • Cut out the center piece, where you marked the center point, with a saw or chainsaw. Cut deep enough to create an inset in the top of the log.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

  • Sand the log down to remove any splinters and to make it smooth to the touch.
  • Apply wood sealant to the log to protect it from future damage.
  • Add paint or stain to the log to get the look you desire.

You now have an incredibly unique and eye-catching coffee table to grace your living room! Don’t forget to make sure you have any necessary safety equipment and follow safe procedures when handling the log.

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