how to build a car engine coffee table

How to Create a Car Engine Coffee Table

A car engine coffee table can be the perfect piece of furniture to give your living room an original touch. Transform a regular coffee table into a beautiful and creative piece of art with a car engine that makes a bold design statement. Follow these steps to create a car engine coffee table in no time.


  • Choose Your Car Engine – Start by selecting the car engine you want to use. Keep in mind that the engine needs to be able to fit on the surface of the coffee table.
  • Remove the Engine Parts – Carefully remove the necessary engine parts that will not be used for the table. Keep the parts you will use for the table in a safe and clean place.
  • Clean the Engine Parts – Give the engine parts a thorough cleaning. This is important to make sure your engine looks its best for the table.

Building the Table

  • Assemble the Table Frame – Build the frame of the coffee table. Make sure the frame is big enough to fit the car engine.
  • Attach the Engine Parts – Securely attach the engine parts to the frame. The engine should be positioned in the middle of the frame.
  • Add the Top – Finally, add the top to the coffee table. You can use a glass, wood or metal top.

Finishing the Table

  • Seal the Table – Use a sealant to seal the table to make it waterproof.
  • Add Finishing Touches – Add the finishing touches to your coffee table. Use paint, varnish or wood stain to give the table the perfect look.

Creating a car engine coffee table is an entertaining project that will give you a chance to show your creative side. With a few supplies and a bit of imagination, you can craft a unique piece of furniture that will be the centerpiece of your living room.

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