how to baby proof glass coffee table

Baby Proofing Your Glass Coffee Table

Having a glass coffee table in your home can be a beautiful way to bring style and practicality together. However, with young kids around, you want to make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to baby proof your glass coffee table. Here are some tips on how to keep your glass coffee table baby safe.

Anchor it down

The most important thing when considering baby proofing a glass coffee table is to anchor it down. This is especially important when the glass coffee table is made of tempered glass, as it is more susceptible to shattering if it falls. Be sure to anchor your glass coffee table at least one foot away from walls and other furniture so the table rests securely in your living room.

Choose safety materials

When looking for toys and decor to place on your glass coffee table, be sure to choose safety materials. Soft silicone corners for furniture can keep sharp corners from hitting your child if they fall. Additionally, choose toys that are specifically made from natural, non-toxic materials.

Cover edges

If you have a glass coffee table with sharp edges, the best thing to do is to cover those edges with edge protectors. Edge protectors are made from rubber, foam and other semi-soft materials that will absorb impact if a child were to bump into the table.

Set safety rules

Finally, it’s important to set safety rules for your living room. Make sure your children understand which furniture is appropriate to climb on and which is not. Additionally, inform them that playing and running near the glass coffee table is a big no-no.

By following these tips you can ensure that your glass coffee table still looks beautiful while being baby safe. Keep these ideas in mind and your home will remain stylish and safe!

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