how to baby proof glass coffee table

Baby Proofing Your Glass Coffee Table

Having a glass coffee table can be both stylish and convenient in your home, but if you are a parent, you know that babies and glass can present an unsafe situation. Keep your home safe and secure for your little ones with these simple tips for baby proofing your glass coffee table:

Add padding.

To avoid potential injuries, add foam padding to the edges of your glass coffee table. You can easily buy foam padding in store or online and secure it with double sided sticky tape.

Use safety film.

If you don’t want to cover up the glass with padding, consider applying safety film to the table instead. Safety film is a specialized adhesive film that is designed to add an extra layer of protection to glass surfaces to prevent breakage and possible injury.

Protect the corners.

Many glass coffee tables have sharp corners that can cause injury if your baby falls against them. Try using corner guard protectors, which are made from soft yet durable material and are designed to be placed on the corners of tables, shelves and other pieces of furniture in your home.

Place the table out of reach.

The most effective way to baby proof your glass coffee table is to simply place it out of reach. Put the table at least three feet away from any walls or sofas and make sure there is plenty of open space around the table for your baby to crawl and explore safely.

Monitor your baby.

Keep in mind that no matter how hard you try, accidents can still happen. Make sure to always be with your baby when they are around the glass coffee table or any other piece of furniture. This will help you keep them safe and sound while they explore your home.

Following these tips is sure to help you baby proof your glass coffee table and make your home a safe and secure environment. Enjoy the convenience and beauty of glass furniture while still keeping your baby safe with these easy steps.

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