how to baby proof glass coffee table

Baby Proofing Your Glass Coffee Table

If you own a glass coffee table, you don’t have to worry about having to break it up or remove it entirely. With a few simple steps, you can baby proof your glass coffee table so that your little one can safely explore without any harm.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

  • Remove the sharp edges. Make sure to look for and remove any sharp edges along the table leg, the corners and any other place your baby can reach for.
  • Invest in corner and edge protectors. Buy some corner and edge protectors to cover and seal any sharp places that you discover.
  • Cover the entire surface with a protective layer. Place a non-slip protective layer over the entire surface to create a soft cushion that your baby can crawl on. You can use foam sheets or some other material. The softer the better.
  • Always keep the coffee table clean. Regularly check the coffee table to make sure there are no objects left behind that your baby can grab and choke on.

By taking the time to baby proof your glass coffee table, you will be ensuring that your little one can explore safely and without any harm. Enjoy your coffee table and your little one!

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