how to baby proof glass coffee table

Baby proof a Glass Coffee Table

Sometimes regular safety measures that parents take may not be enough to make sure your baby’s safe at home. With toddlers around, your coffee table is an obstacle and could be hazardous for them. Baby-proofing a glass coffee table is a must to prevent any accidents.

What Materials Do You Need

  • Table protector – cushion the edges of the table
  • Safety gate – restricts your child from getting close to the table
  • Furniture straps – secures the coffee table to the wall
  • Corner bumpers – prevents arms and legs from getting cut

Steps to Baby-Proof the Coffee Table

  1. Secure your furniture – To make sure your glass table is not a risk to your little one, use furniture straps to secure the table to the wall.
  2. Cushion – in the furniture protector so that even if your baby climbs on the table, their arms and legs will not get cut.
  3. Install gates – Install safety gates around the table to restrict your child from getting close to the table.
  4. Place corner cushions – Place corner cushions around the edges of the glass table to prevent any of your baby’s arms or legs from getting cut.


By following these steps, you can baby-proof your glass coffee table and make it safe for your little one. Taking the necessary precautions and making sure your little one is safe will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe at home.

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