how to baby proof glass coffee table

How to Baby Proof Glass Coffee Table

Glass-top coffee tables look stylish and put you in the lap of luxury. They’re also a safety hazard to babies and toddlers who are prone to tipping, pushing and pulling on glass table surfaces. To keep your little ones safe and your tables intact, read on to learn how to baby proof your glass coffee table.

1. Anchor the table

Secure the table to the wall, like you would a bookshelf. This will add to the security of the table and make it much less likely to topple over.

2. Cover with an acrylic sheet

If you are unable to wall-mount, use a large clear acrylic sheet to cover the entire top area of the table. Make sure you secure it along the edges so it doesn’t move around.

3. Get corner bumpers

Once you’ve secured the table and covered it, you still want to make sure that it’s baby-proofed in case it does get bumped or knocked over. Place corner bumpers on the edges of the coffee table to make the edges soft and rounded.

4. Install childproof latches

If the coffee table has drawers or cabinets, use childproof latches to secure them. That way, little ones won’t be able to open the drawers and pinch their fingers.

5. Use a lubricant

One more way to baby proof your glass coffee table is to add a lubricant to it. This will reduce friction, making it harder for your baby to push and pull the table.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you can rest assured that your glass coffee table is baby-proofed and ready for your little ones.

Safety Tips:

  • Never place sharp objects on the table.
  • Always monitor your little one when they are near the table.
  • Place furniture pads around the table to soften any impacts.

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