how to baby proof coffee table

How to Baby Proof Your Coffee Table

It’s important to baby proof your home when you have young children. They will explore their environment and may run into harm if certain protections are not in place. One such item is the coffee table, which can pose a danger to small children. To ensure the safety of your little ones, here are a few tips for baby proofing your coffee table:

Use Corner and Edge Bumpers

  • Attach corner and edge bumpers to the edges and corners of the coffee table.
  • These soft foam pieces will protect children from sharp or otherwise hazardous corners.
  • Make sure they fit correctly and securely to ensure no small pieces can be removed.

Cover Table Legs

  • Using foam tubes, pipe insulation, or another material, cover all the legs of the coffee table.
  • Make sure the material is secure and fit tightly over the legs.
  • This will ensure both the protection of your children and the durability of your coffee table.

Move the Coffee Table

  • If there is a danger of an active or running toddler accidentally running into the coffee table, consider moving it to a less trafficked area.
  • Be sure to anchor the coffee table securely and use safety straps, if necessary, to ensure it won’t be knocked over by adventurous youngsters.

Prevent Curious Hands

  • Adding a protective cover to the top of the coffee table will help protect your little ones from any sharp edges or sharp corners.
  • It will also discourage curious hands from exploring the coffee table, preventing potential hazards.
  • Make sure the cover is made of heavy material that won’t be easy to pull down.

By following these simple steps, your coffee table will be perfectly safe and secure for your little ones. The protection is hassle-free and will help you keep your home safe and secure.

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