how to baby proof a glass coffee table

Baby Proofing a Glass Coffee Table

Baby proofing your home is an important task that any parent should do right away in order to ensure the safety of their little ones. One such potential danger for a baby or toddler is a glass coffee table. Although glass may look nice, it is not safe for a child and can cause serious injuries if it shatters. Fortunately, there are several ways to baby proof your glass coffee table:

1. Cover the Table with a Soft Material

The best way to baby proof a glass coffee table is to cover it with a soft material such as a cloth or foam. This will not only prevent any sharp edges from hurting the child but will also make the table less slippery. This is an easy and affordable solution that will keep your baby safe.

2. Put Stickers or Foam Pads on the Edges

If you choose not to cover the table, you can still baby proof it by putting foam pads or stickers on the edges. This will provide some cushioning to the table and prevent any sharp edges from hurting the baby.

3. Get Rid of the Table

If possible, you may want to consider getting rid of the table altogether. This may not be the most practical option depending on the size and style of your space, but it is the safest option for your child.

4. Put a Rug Underneath the Table

Another way to baby proof a glass coffee table is to put a rug underneath it. This will provide cushioning and may help reduce potential injuries if the child falls onto the table. Make sure the rug is large enough to cover the entire area of the table.


Baby proofing a glass coffee table is an important step in childproofing your home. By following these tips, you can keep your baby safe and your glasscoffee table looking great.

Tips to Remember

  • Cover the table with a soft material
  • Put stickers or foam pads on the edges
  • Get rid of the table
  • Put a rug underneath the table

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