how to baby proof a glass coffee table

Baby Proofing a Glass Coffee Table

Parents of crawling and toddling children know the value of baby proofing. The primary concern is ensuring curious little ones are safe from dangerous or hazardous items. One of those items is a glass coffee table.

Get Rid of the Table

Before baby proofing the table, evaluate whether it is necessary to keep it in the same room. Glass can pose a real danger to babies and toddlers. If you want to protect your child, it is safest to remove the glass entirely.

Reposition the Table

If you decide to keep the glass coffee table, consider repositioning the furniture to make it less accessible to children. Install a baby gate to keep them out of the room altogether.

Safety Shields

Install door guards or window guards to protect your child from the glass. Put corner cushions between the glass table and the wall. This will help protect against any other furniture in the same room.

Protective Covering

Invest in heavy-duty fabric to cover the edge of the table. This will soften any sharp corners and ensure your little ones are not at risk of bumping into the glass surface. Measure the circumference of the table first to get an idea of how much material will be needed.

Once the fabric is in place, make sure it is securely fastened so that it won’t come off on its own.

Some other useful tips for baby proofing your glass coffee table include:

  • Secure cords and wires – to prevent entanglement of your child
  • Cover sharp edges – with foam or fabric for extra protection
  • Clear the area – keep hazardous items like glass vases or cups away from the table surface

With these steps, you can make sure your children are safe and your glass coffee table is baby proofed.

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