how to baby proof a glass coffee table

How to Baby Proof a Glass Coffee Table

It is important for any parent to child-proof their home in order to make it safe for their little ones. This is especially true if you have a glass coffee table that your little one can easily bump or get hurt on. So, here is how to baby proof a glass coffee table:

Step 1: Choose the Right Cover

The most effective way to baby proof your coffee table is to use some kind of cover. This could be a large multi-purpose blanket, thick felt material, play mats or even a large piece of foam. Make sure you choose something that is the appropriate size for the coffee table and easily covers the edges and corners of the table.

Step 2: Place Table Edge Protectors

In addition to covering the table, you should also add some table edge protectors. These are place over the sharp corners of your glass table to make them round and prevent any injuries. table edge protectors come in a variety of sizes and materials, ensuring you find one that best fits the shape and size of your coffee table.

Step 3: Add Bumpers

Finally, add some bumpers to the coffee table. These should be placed around the perimeter of the table to prevent your little one from getting hurt if they bumps into the corners or sides of the table. Bumpers come in a variety of materials, including foam and rubber.

Other Safety Measures

In addition to the above steps, always remember to keep an eye on your little one when they are near the coffee table and supervise at all times. You should also consider relocating the table to a different area of the house if you notice that your child keeps knocking into it.

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively baby proof your glass coffee table, ensuring a safe and injury-free environment for your little one.

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