how to baby proof a coffee table

How To Baby Proof A Coffee Table

Are you looking to baby proof your coffee table to give you the peace of mind you need when your teething toddler starts to explore? Babyproofing your coffee table doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and it is important to do so to keep your baby safe from harm. Below we provide some helpful tips on helping you baby proof your coffee table!

Baby Guards

1) Edge and Corner Cushions: Edge and corner cushions are great for preventing lacerations and other accidental cuts and bruises. They are relatively inexpensive and just attach around the edges of your coffee table to soften any potential blows.

2) Gates and Barriers: You can have a temporary or permanent gate or barrier around your coffee table to keep your baby away. You can always modify the size of the barrier and adjust it as your baby grows.

Out Of Sight

3) Removing Objects: Baby proofing your coffee table also involves removing any objects from the coffee table and putting them out of reach. Take any sharp objects, breakable glasses, or other items away from the table and keep them stored in a secure location.

4) Stationery): All stationery such as pens, pencils, and scissors should be removed from the coffee table and stored safely in a cupboard, drawer, or other high-level shelves. You can also use child safety locks to prevent any unauthorised access.

Secure the Table

5) Secure the Coffee Table: Make sure that the coffee table is secure and will not move or tip over if your child hangs on it. Various anti-tip straps and brackets are available that can be installed to the undersides of furniture.

6) Hide Cables: Make sure all of the wires and cables connected to your coffee table are also out of reach. You can also use a cord cover or boxes to ensure the cords are hidden from view.

Following the above tips will help you to effectively baby proof your coffee table so that your teething toddler can explore safely!

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