how to baby proof a coffee table

Baby-proofing Your Coffee Table

Having a baby in your home means taking extra precautions to make sure they are safe. Coffee tables are a potential hazard and need to be baby-proofed as well. Many sharp corners of tables can easily hurt your little one if they are not covered or otherwise modified. Here we will go over some of the ways to make sure your coffee table is ready for a baby in the home.

Use Corner Covers

One of the best options for baby-proofing a coffee table is to use corner covers. These cushions provide extra padding for sharp corners and reduce the risk of injury from falls. They can be found in most home stores, or you can even make them yourself with foam or fabric.

Use a Tablecloth

Covering the coffee table with a tablecloth is a great option for keeping your baby safe. This will prevent them from accidentally touching the sharp corners and reduce the risk of injury. You can also use this method to make sure your baby isn’t tempted to touch the coffee table.

Use a Mat

Another great option for baby-proofing your coffee table is to use a mat. Place the mat on top of the table and make sure it is securely taped down. This will provide another layer of protection and keep your little one away from any sharp edges.

Replace or Modify the Table

If the table you have is too sharp or unstable, it may be better to replace or modify it. This can include changing the shape of the table (such as rounded corners instead of sharp corners), or simply replacing it with a more baby-proof version.


Baby-proofing a coffee table is an important step for keeping your little one safe. Using corner covers, a tablecloth, mats and/or replacing or modifying the table are all possible options to consider. Doing all of these precautions should help reduce the risk of any injuries and ensure your baby is always safe.

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