how to arrange coffee table in small living room

How to Arrange Coffee Table in Small Living Room

Having a small living room doesn’t mean your furniture must be limited. Fortunately, you can fit a coffee table – provided you consider some key points.

Choose the Smallest Coffee Table

Make sure to get the smallest appropriate table possible. In this way, you maximize the space while not sacrificing style. You also have to decide whether you prefer rounded or angular shapes.

Find the Perfect Height

The perfect height for a coffee table varies for each living room. If the couch is too close to the ground, it might feel uncomfortable to pick up items from the coffee table. Thus, it should not be too low.

Pick a Table with Storage

Living in a small living room should not mean that your things will be all over the place. Instead, look for a table with drawers or baskets to store essentials and make the area clutter-free and organized.

Style Tips

Space saving tables such as ottomans and small tables with storage work best. A unique coffee table, such as one with two different heights or levels, also looks great and keeps things organized.

Arrange Everything Properly

Once you have your arranged your furniture, do not forget to accessorize properly. Place a lamp on the table and add some personal decoration.

To summarize, when arranging a coffee table in a small living room, be sure to:

  • Choose the Smallest Coffee Table
  • Find the Perfect Height
  • Pick a Table With Storage
  • Style Tips
  • Arrange Everything Properly

By following these points, you can make the most of your small living room without sacrificing style and comfort.

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