how to arrange accessories on a coffee table

Arranging Accessories on a Coffee Table

Achieving the perfect coffee table styling can be tricky- but with a few simple tips, you can find the perfect look for your home. Read on for our how-to guide on styling a coffee table with accessories.

Choose Your Centerpiece

The key to the perfect coffee table is to start with a centerpiece. This could be anything from a decorative bowl or plate, to a vase of flowers, or a candle. Choose something that reflects your personal style and resonates with the rest of your décor. From here, you can build the look with your chosen accessories.

Add Balance

When it comes to styling, it’s all about balancing the look. Add items in odd numbers- such as a trio of decorative books, or a stack of coffee table books. Try and intersperse items of different sizes- this adds texture and interest to the look.

Choose Accessories

Choose accessories that suit your chosen centerpiece, and bring out the look you want to achieve. Popular pieces for a coffee table styling include:

  • Candles and tea lights: These add a warm and inviting ambience to the space. Choose a scent that you love, to create a homely atmosphere
  • Decorative items: Look out for pieces such as vases, bowls and sculptures, as well as trinkets and trays. These can be used as a backdrop or a focal point in the space.
  • Books: Coffee table books are great accessories, either open and displayed or closed. You could even use magazines or a stack of novels to add interest.

Display Height

The next step is to consider the different heights you can use to create an interesting atmosphere. Look for items such as lamps, cake stands and vases that offer different displays. This will create an eye-catching look, without appearing overcrowded.

Final Touches

The final step is to consider any greenery. Plant life is great for bringing the outdoors in. From blooms to a single statement plant, these pieces can really bring the room together.


Coffee table styling is a great way to show off your personality and add a homely atmosphere to your living room. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and experiment. The right accessories will be ones that you love, and immediately transform the look of your home.

Happy styling!

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