how to arrange a coffee table tray

How to Arrange a Coffee Table Tray

Creating a beautiful and functional display on a coffee table is not difficult but requires a few creative considerations. With a tray as the centerpiece, it’s easy to arrange a display that will impress fellow guests and provide an elevated surface for drinks and snacks. Here’s an easy guide for creating a stunning coffee table presentation.

Gather Items and Clean

Before you begin, gather the items you want to put on your tray. This can include small items like tissue boxes, plant pots, and sculptures, as well as functional items like coasters and a coaster holder. Make sure to clean each piece before displaying them on the tray.

Create a Focal Point

When arranging items on your tray, it’s important to designate a focal point. This could be anything from a unique sculpture to a luxurious candle holder. Place this item at the center of your tray to create a beautiful presentation.

Choose Your Accents

After establishing a focal point, choose other items that can complement it and dress up the display. Here are some ideas to inspire your decorating:

  • Cushions: Add some snazzy cushions to the coffee table for a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Books: Place some colorful hardcover books on the tray for a smart and sophisticated look.
  • Fruit: An aromatic bowl of fresh fruit will add a burst of flavor and an interesting texture.
  • Card Deck: Keep a small pack of playing cards for moments of inspiration and entertainment.

Finish with Plants or Flowers

Finally, add some greens to your tray. Whether live or artificial, plants or flowers give your coffee table tray a polished look that will bring warmth and life to the room.


Create a visually stunning and functional coffee table tray with these simple steps. Gather and clean items, find a captivating centerpiece, select artistic accents, and finish with plants. By carefully considering each decision, you can assemble a beautiful coffee table tray that will make a lasting impression.

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