how to annoy your girlfriend magic coffee table

How to Annoy Your Girlfriend’s Magic Coffee Table

So, you want to annoy your girlfriend’s magic coffee table and drive her crazy? Well, you’re in luck, because here are some easy and fun ways to do just that!

1. Start Drawing On It with Permanent Markers

This one is easy and messy! Break out some permanent markers and start doodling away on your girlfriend’s magic coffee table. She won’t be too happy once she sees your masterpiece, but it’ll certainly make for a funny story for years to come.

2. use it as your personal trash can

Another surefire way to annoy your girlfriend’s coffee table is by slipping it lots of trash. Restaurants receipts, candy wrappers, you name it! She’ll start to get suspicious of your bizarre behavior sooner or later.

3. Embarrass her in public

Take the coffee table out on the town and show it off to everyone you meet. If your girlfriend happens to be around, then it’s even better! She’ll be both angry and embarrassed that you would do something like this.

4. Start Jumping On It

Last but not least, make sure to put on a good show and jump on the coffee table. Don’t worry about damaging it, as it’s supposed to be magic after all. But your girlfriend will have a hard time not getting mad at your stunt.

So those are some great ways you can annoy your girlfriend’s magic coffee table. Have fun and try not to get too carried away!

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