how to adjust a lift top coffee table

Adjusting a Lift Top Coffee Table

Having a lift top coffee table as part of your furniture gives you the advantage of storing some items inside while also being able to raise the top whenever you need extra space. Though the table will lift up and down, it is possible to adjust the table to various heights.

Steps for Adjusting

  • Open the coffee table. Open the table top and prop it up to the highest possible height.
  • Lift the table. Secure the locking mechanism and lift the coffee table up.
  • Adjust the height. Grab the side of the coffee table and move it up or down to the desired height.
  • Tighten the locking system. Make sure the locking system is secure to ensure the table won’t keep moving.
  • Check the strength. Push down on the coffee table to believe the strength of the locking system.

Tips for Adjusting

  • Try adjusting the table several times without the locking system on to get a sense of the settings.
  • Make sure the locking system is secure before adjusting the table completely.
  • Have someone help you if the coffee table is too heavy to move.

Adjusting a lift top coffee table is not a difficult process. Once you’re familiar with the property of the table you’ll be able to move the individual heights in a snap. So get ready to adjust your table to the perfect height and enjoy your coffee table to the fullest.

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