how to accessorize coffee table

Tips for Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Making the most of your coffee table is easy with just a few thoughtful tips. Here’s how to accessorize your coffee table to achieve maximum style:

1. Choose a Theme

Before buying any accessories, decide on a theme you want to stick with. Similarly to a room in the house, your coffee table should be thoughtfully put together in order to blend with the room. A few possibilities are:

  • Monochrome – pick a one-color palette to make your table look sleek
  • Nature – add natural elements such as shells or stones to bring the outdoors in
  • Vintage – gather a few antiques and old-world elements to add classic charm

2. Lay the Base

First, add texture to your table by way of a table runner or placemats. Not only will this provide a base for your accessories, but it will also keep your table top looking its best.

3. Opt for Aesthetics

Utilize 3-4 decorative items that complement each other, and make sure to layer for maximum style. From there, add a vase of flowers and it will complete the look. Be sure to avoid overdressing your coffee table with more than 4 decorative items. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your living room space, not be overwhelmed by it.

4. Try Containers

To store those everyday items like books, tissue boxes and remote controls, add a few containers so they can easily be concealed when guests come around.

5. Make it Personal

Finally, tie your look together by including some personal touches. Remind yourself of a favorite vacation with a special souvenir or include a meaningful photo frame. This will make your coffee table special and entirely your own!

Creating the perfect coffee table is a cinch with these simple tips. Choose a theme, lay the base and then opt for aesthetics by filling it up with complementary and stylish accessories. Finally, get personal and make it your own. Happy accessorizing!

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