how to accessorize a square coffee table

How to Accessorize a Square Coffee Table

A square coffee table is a great addition to any living space. But, like most furniture pieces, it can look a little dull and bland if it’s left untouched! Adding a few well-chosen accessories will make it appear more stylish and create a focal point in the room. Here are some helpful tips on how to accessorize a square coffee table:

1. Start with a Tray

A tray is the best place to start when accessorizing a square coffee table. Choose one that fits the look of your table and your overall style, and then place it in the center of the table.

2. Add a Centerpiece

Once you have a tray in place, decide what type of centerpiece you would like. You can go for something classic – a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit – or something more modern, like an art piece or a sculpture.

3. Add Books

Books are an essential accessory for any coffee table. Choose books that are stylish yet practical, such as books of photography or design. Lay them out in a neat arrangement and they will instantly make the table look more interesting and inviting.

4. Utilize Decorative Objects

Decorative objects like candles, figurines, and trinkets can be used to enhance the look of your coffee table. Pick objects that reflect your personal style and add them to the tray or around the perimeter of the table.

5. Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring in some elements from nature to add texture and color to the table. A great option is to include a few pieces of dried foliage, or pot plants that are easy to maintain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with a tray in the center of the table.
  • Add a centerpiece, such as a vase of flowers or a sculpture.
  • Include books for a stylish look.
  • Use decorative objects like candles and figurines.
  • Incorporate natural elements like foliage or pot plants.

Accessorizing a square coffee table is an enjoyable and creative process. Just remember to choose items that reflect your personal style, and you’ll have a chic and inviting space in no time.

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