how to accessorize a small round glass coffee table

Simple Ways to Accessorize a Small Round Glass Coffee Table

A small round glass coffee table can be the perfect addition to a living room for its aesthetic value, and make your living room look bigger and brighter. But, if done wrong, it can take away from the entire look of your room, so accessorizing it the right way with the right pieces is key.

Wall Art & Pictures

A piece of wall art or a picture hung above the center of the table would look beautiful and add an interesting focus point to the area. Make sure that the piece of art is not larger than the table, otherwise it will look overpowering.

Mirrors & Flower Vases

Adding a reflective mirror or a vibrant flower vase to the center of the table can create an art piece in itself. Choose pieces with abstract shapes and vibrant colors to make a statement while keeping the look minimal and sophisticated.

Books & Trinkets

Using books and trinkets on your coffee table can make it look stylish and inviting. Using stacks of contrasting colors of books can add texture and style, while placing a trinket or two will add visual interest. Make sure that there is not too much clutter as it can take away from the look of your coffee table.

Table Lamps & Candlesticks

adding a muted table lamp or candlesticks on one side of the table is a perfect way to bring some soft lighting to the room, as well as a feeling of warmth to the area. Choose lamp shades that are soft and muted, in colors like white, gray and pinks for a classy look.

Baskets & Fruit Displays

Baskets, bowls and plates can be used to serve snacks and store magazines, while a beautiful fruit display can be the cherry on top. Choose unique baskets and fruit displays that suit your style and can easily fit on the table.

No matter how you choose to accessorize your small round glass coffee table, remember to keep it minimal and in line with the overall feel of your living room. With these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your living room.

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