how to accessorize a round glass coffee table

How to Accessorize a Round Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables look sleek, stylish, and modern, but they can often be difficult to accessorize. You want to maintain the contemporary ambiance of the room, but also bring some personality to the space. The great news is that accessorizing a round glass coffee table doesn’t have to be tricky. Follow these simple tips and get started on transforming your room’s look today.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

The key to preventing the space from feeling too clinical is to bring in some color. Choose a few colors that fit well with the other elements of the room. You can add pops of bright colors with throws, pillows, and decor, or choose a more subtle palette if you prefer a calming vibe.

2. Choose Textures

Combine a few different textures to add warmth, comfort, and personality to the room. A chunky knit throw draped over the top of the coffee table will add a touch of coziness to the space. Introduce some materials such as velvet, rattan, bamboo, or cotton to create some visual interest.

3. Add Some Plants

Nothing livens up a room like some lush foliage. Place a small plant on the table as a natural centerpiece or add some greenery to the corner of the room. Try to pick plants that require minimal care or you can always opt for some low maintenance fake plants.

4. Incorporate Some Sculptures

An easy way to bring some sculpture into the room is to find a low centerpiece for your table. Look for pieces that are interesting and unique, such as a hand-made ceramic turtle or a modern art sculpture. This is a great way to add visual interest to your coffee table.

5. Use Mirrors

A round glass coffee table usually lacks texture and color, so introducing some mirrors is a great way to spruce it up. You can even use the mirrors to create a refection effect by placing two side by side and adding a candle, statue, or vase in the center.

6. Accessorize With Books

Bring in some life, color, and personality with some books that are interesting to you. Place them in a neat stack or create a stylish display by fanning them open. Choose books with diverse colors and sizes for an artsy look.

7. Use Coasters

Coffee table coasters are practical and add a modern flair to any space. Look for a set of coasters that match your colour scheme. Choose plain coasters for a more minimal look or opt for some geometric patterns for a bolder vibe.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to accessorizing a round glass coffee table that adds style and character to your living room. The right mix of color, texture, and objects will make all the difference.

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