how to accessorize a round glass coffee table

How to Accessorize a Round Glass Coffee Table

The round glass coffee table has become increasingly popular due to its sleek, modern look and timeless appeal. While contemporary, the round glass coffee table can be difficult to accessorize. The clear glass surface allows for the items placed upon it to take center stage, so it is important to make each item stand out. Here is how to accessorize a round glass coffee table:

Pick a Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the focal point of your accessorized coffee table. Pick something to be the star of the show. A few popular options are:

  • Flowers– A beautiful bouquet of flowers serves as a centerpiece and brings a bit of the outdoors in.
  • Candles– Place the centerpiece in the center of the table, with multiple candles or a single large one.
  • Decorations– An interesting decorative piece will draw the eye in and be an interesting conversation starter.

Frame the Centerpiece

The second layer of decoration will further frame your centerpiece. This could include living plants in small pots, souvenirs from travels, books, or sculptures. Place these around the centerpiece to make a border for your centerpiece to shine.

Add Finishing Touches

The last layer of decoration should lend a level of function and creativity to your table. Choose smaller, interesting items such as coasters, remote control caddies, trays, and small bowls. Be creative and use items that can both be decorative and serve a purpose.

Choose an Accent Color

The clear glass offers a great base to work with, but an accent color can make your items pop. A bold shade, or an understated, neutral hue can provide a great backdrop for your items. Use accent colored coasters, trays, or even a throw pillow for the couch that is adjacent to the round glass coffee table to complete the look.

If done correctly, accessorizing a round glass coffee table can make any room look more inviting and warm. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to make your round glass coffee table look its absolute best.

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