how to accessorize a round glass coffee table

How To Accessorize a Round Glass Coffee Table

Decorating your living room with a round glass coffee table can add a modern, sleek feel to the space. But if you’re not sure how to style it, the glass can be overwhelming and make your furniture seem overly simple and plain. Fortunately, accessorizing your round glass coffee table is easy and will add the perfect touch of creative character to your space.

Things you will need

  • One round glass coffee table
  • Selection of accessories (books, sculptures, candles, etc.)


  1. Select a color theme. Selecting a coordinating color palette, such as neutrals or all earth tones, will help to create an aesthetic. If you’re not sure where to start, think about colors found in the other pieces of furniture in the space, like the couch or armchair.
  2. Start with a centerpiece. A large centerpiece like a vase, sculpture or candle can be a great way to break up the glass surface. Consider material, color and shape when choosing your main piece and then match the other accessories to it.
  3. Add a few beautiful books. Grouping a few books of varying sizes can create a pleasing visual display and offer a few decorative touches. Style books in a fan pattern to draw attention from the glass and to create a more interesting visual.
  4. Secure the books with stools. When arranging your books, place a stool on either side to hold the books in place while adding a sense of symmetry. Select stools that are the same color and size to create a unified look.
  5. Compose a display. Now that your centerpiece, books and stools are in place, you can add smaller pieces around it to complete the look. Put smaller candles, decorative objects or plants that fit the color palette to create a more complete display.
  6. Enjoy the final display. Now that your glass coffee table is accessorized, you can stand back and enjoy the beautiful display. Regularly rotate the accessories on your coffee table to keep your home looking fresh.

Using these simple tips, you can make your round glass coffee table look professional and put together with a simple and stylish display.

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