how to accessorize a glass coffee table

How to Accessorize a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a great addition to any home, suitable for both modern and traditional decorating schemes. It is an especially popular choice of furniture in contemporary homes. To make your glass coffee table look complete and enhance the look of its surroundings, you should consider accessorizing it with the right pieces.

Select the Right Size Accessories

A good tip is to select items of the right size. Nothing too big or heavy should be used because that could overload the glass coffee table. The best items range from mini ornaments, to small vases and books.

Create a Both Sparse & Lively Atmosphere

Choose a few items to place on the coffee table, and make sure to break them up to create a sparse yet lively atmosphere. Too much on the table will make it look cluttered and crowded.

Make a Color Scheme

The items should all match the color of the table and other parts of the room. A good way to create a cohesive look is by creating a color scheme for the accessories you choose and making sure that everything compliments each other.

Useful Additions

Finally, you should add items that are both decorative and useful. A nice tray can be used to display larger objects or hold remotes or books. You can also consider stackable boxes to hold items you don’t want on display all the time.


In conclusion, accessorizing a glass coffee table correctly can be also be an art form. To make your glass coffee table look complete and enhance its surroundings, use the following tips:

  • Select the Right Size Accessories
  • Create a Both Sparse & Lively Atmosphere
  • Make a Color Scheme
  • Useful Additions

By following these rules you can make sure your glass coffee table looks great and achieve the desired look for your home.

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