how to accessorize a glass coffee table

How to Accessorize a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are a classic decorative feature that can add a modern, stylish feel to your living room. To complete the look, you can accessorize your glass coffee table and make it a focal point for your living room. Here are a few tips for accessorizing a glass coffee table:

Pick neutral tones and organic shapes

Choose neutral-toned items such as baskets, books or trays to capture an airy feel. Choose organic shapes to match with the modern design of the glass table. For example, choose a curved white basket and off-white books.

Go for reflective objects

Glass coffee tables are known for their reflective surfaces, so you can use this to your advantage by adding in items with reflective properties. Think mirrored trays, chrome sculptures and brush aluminum accessories. This will help to elevate the look and create an even more striking effect.

Choose items of varying heights

When accessorizing a coffee table, pick items of varying heights to create an interesting texture and depth. Arrange the tallest items towards the back and the more petite ones towards the front. This will add character and create a stunning display.

Add a pop of color

Introduce color to your accessorizing scheme. Choose items such as candles, flowers, vases or a small plant to add a splash of color. You can also choose items like a bright-colored tray or a colorful statement bowl as your centerpiece.


By following these tips, you can easily create a beautiful and eye-catching display with your glass coffee table. Remember to choose neutral tones, reflective objects, varying heights and pops of color to strike the perfect balance. Take your time to experiment and make sure you enjoy the process.

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