how to accessorize a glass coffee table

How to Accessorize a Glass Coffee Table

You’ve chosen a beautiful glass coffee table for your living room and now it’s time to accessorize it and make it look fabulous. To ensure your new table looks its best, there are certain items you should consider adding. Here’s how to accessorize a glass coffee table:

1. Get Coasters For Your Glass Coffee Table

To protect your new glass table from rings and scratches, make sure to invest in some quality coasters. Look for coasters that fit the size and style of your glass table to ensure the perfect match.

2. Add Books and Trays For Display

Creating a table display is an important way of accessorizing your glass coffee table. Try stacking books and magazines in interesting configurations, or add a tray topped with items like seasonal florals or art objects.

3. Keep It Coordinated

When styling your glass coffee table, always keep the arrangement as clean and decluttered as possible. To make sure there’s a cohesive look, stick with items in the same color palette.

4. Go Creative With DIY Pieces

If you’re looking for unique items to add to your glass coffee table, why not make some of your own? If you’re crafty and imaginative, try creating photos or postcards collages, or DIY candle holders, to add a personal touch to your home décor.

5. Play With Colorful Accessories

Accessorizing a glass coffee table doesn’t always mean following the same boring rules. If you want to add a bright, cheerful hue to your room, try using smaller items like brightly-colored candles, frames, and vases.

6. Balance It Out

When accessorizing a glass coffee table, it’s important to create a balance. In general, larger items will be placed at the center, while smaller items will surround them. This will ensure the table looks symmetrical and stylized.

7. Have Fun With Textiles

If your glass coffee table is looking a bit bare, add textiles to give it a cozy yet stylish touch. Try adding fun throws and coordinating small wooden elements, such as trays, baskets, boxes, and cups.


Decorating your glass coffee table can be an enjoyable challenge. To make sure your new glass table looks fabulous, use these tips:

  • Get coasters to protect the table;
  • Add books, trays and trendy items for display;
  • Keep it coordinated with items in the same color palette;
  • Go creative with DIY pieces;
  • Play with colorful accessories;
  • Balance out the display;
  • Add cozy textiles for a stylish touch.

By carefully choosing the right accessories, you’ll be able to create a stunning and unique look that’s perfect for your home.

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