how to accessorize a glass coffee table

Accessorizing a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are popular for their chicness and subtle beauty. Making them look even more attractive is surprisingly simple. Here are some tips to ensure your glass coffee tables always look their best.

Pops of Color

One way to bring the look up a notch is to add some colorful accents. Consider throwing a brightly colored throw blanket or throw pillows at the end of a love seat or sofa. This will give the table a much needed contrast.

Tabletop Decorations

Adding a few small decorations to the top of the table is a great way to bring life and color. Place flower vases of different sizes, plants, and decorative trinkets like statuettes, books, or candles atop the table.

Accessorize with Quality

When in doubt, remember it is quality over quantity. Use pieces that are a great quality and substantive. Even just a few quality accessories will make your glass coffee table look beautiful.

What Not to Do

Avoid overwhelming the table with too much. Too many decorations will not only make the table too busy but it can also interfere with the functionality. Also, be careful to use decorations that won’t damage the glass surface, such as:

  • using a coaster under all your hot beverages
  • cleaning the glass regularly to avoid scratches
  • not using any harsh or abrasive cleaning chemicals as this could damage the glass

Your glass coffee table can be an eye-catching part of your living room ensemble with these simple tips. Show off your style and personality by mixing and matching different pieces, colors, and textures for an updated look. Enjoy accessorizing your glass coffee table!

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