how to accessorize a glass coffee table

Accessorizing a Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is great for giving a sophisticated and contemporary feel to any room, and it can be accessorized to further enhance it. Here are some tips on how to accessorize a glass coffee table:

1. Use a table runner or placemats

A table runner and/or placemats can be used to change the overall look of a glass coffee table. Choose runner and placemats that go well with the overall theme and color of the room, or add a pop of color to make the table stand out.

2. Add a centerpiece

You can also accessorize a glass coffee table by adding a centerpiece. It can be something like a vase with flowers, or a tray with candles, a vignetted display of items, or a sculptural arrangement of objects.

3. Use trays and boxes

Trays and boxes look great on a glass coffee table and can be used for organizing and displaying items. You can also use trays and boxes for adding color and texture to a table.

4. Bring texture with books

Books presented on a glass coffee table can be a great way to add texture and a touch of color. Choose books with covers that complement the room’s theme and/or color scheme for a cohesive look.

5. Add metallic accents

Metallic accents like vases, sculptures, and trays can be used to accessorize a glass coffee table. They give the table a more luxurious feel, and can help tie together the overall look of the room.


Using these tips and ideas, you can easily accessorize a glass coffee table and give it a more modern and polished look. From table runners to books, there are plenty of ways to bring life to your coffee table.

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