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What is the Standard Height of a Coffee Table?

When it comes to furnishing a living room, choosing the perfect coffee table is a must. But what size coffee table best suits your needs? In most cases, the average coffee table is around 16-18 inches high.

Why is the Height Important?

The height of the coffee table is important for more than just how it looks. The ideal height is determined by the type of seating that will be near it, as well as the space it occupies in the room. Too low, and it can be difficult to reach and items on the table. Too high, and it will look out of place and take away from the seating comfortability.

How to Measure the Height of a Coffee Table?

The height of a coffee table is measured from the floor to the top of the table. To be sure you get the right height for your needs, measure the height of the sofa or chair you plan to sit in. Subtract 6-8 inches from that measurement, and you will have the ideal height your coffee table should be.

Tips for Choosing the Right Height:

  • Consider the Space Available: A taller table may take up more room, so consider the amount of space the table will occupy and choose accordingly.
  • Look for Adjustable Height: Some tables come with adjustable heights, so you can find a table that works with any number of seat heights.
  • Test it Out: If you can try out the table before you buy it, it’s a good idea to see if the height works with the chairs or sofa you’ve chosen.

Overall, the standard height for a coffee table is usually 16-18 inches. Keep in mind the seating height and the space available when selecting a table to get the perfect size for your living room.

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