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What is the Standard Height of a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are an essential part of the furnishing in most living and family rooms, providing space to hold books, magazines, remotes and other items. It is important to get the size and height of a coffee table right in order to ensure it fits well in the room, without impairing its functionality or obstructing space.

What is the Standard Coffee Table Height?

The standard height for a coffee table is about 16” – 18” (40.64 – 45.72 cm). This allows for comfortable use when sitting on a couch, loveseat, or armchair.

How to Choose the Right Height of Coffee Table

When selecting a coffee table, keep in mind the following key elements to ensure it fits your space properly:

  • Sofa Height: A coffee table should be about two inches lower than the seat of the sofa or couch.
  • Armrest Height: The height should be slightly lower than the armrest of chairs and sofas in the room.
  • Leg Room: When measuring coffee table height, make sure there’s plenty of space for your legs to pass underneath.
  • Tabletop Height: The actual table top should be slightly lower than the average height of everyone in the home.
  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, when selecting a coffee table, the standard height of 16” – 18” (40.64 – 45.72 cm) should be kept in mind. However, be sure to also take into consideration the other elements of sofa height, armrest height, leg room, and tabletop height in order to get the right height for your coffee table.

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