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How to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be both an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece in a living room and an incredibly useful piece of furniture. But if your coffee table isn’t helping you make the most of your home, it’s time to make a few changes. Here’s a quick guide on how to style your coffee table:

Clean Up

The first step in styling your coffee table is to give it a good declutter. You want the space to be inviting, which usually requires getting rid of the pile of books, mail, or other items. Anything that doesn’t need to be there should go somewhere else. Once everything is tidied up, you can start seeing the space for what it can be!

Keep It Balanced

Symmetry is your friend when it comes to coffee tables. By having balanced styling, you give your eye a break and create a rich and considered aesthetic. Use pieces that match in terms of size and color to create a cohesive composition.

Add a Centerpoint

A couple of larger items can help ground the look of your coffee table. Stick to one large centerpiece such as a vase or a bowl, but avoid having too many in the same space.

Choose Complementary Pieces

You don’t want your coffee table to look too cluttered, so only choose pieces that complement the items you already have. This can include small items like a candle, a trinket or a magazine. Pay attention to the finishes and choose items that work well with the existing d?cor.

Focus on the Finishing Touches

With all the larger items in place, you can finish off your coffee table with some carefully curated accents. Textiles are a great way to add a bit of color and contrast. Try a statement pattern, play with texture or add seasonal blooms.


Styling your coffee table doesn’t have to be daunting. By following the above tips, you can create an inviting and beautiful centerpiece in your living room. Just remember to keep it balanced, choose complementary pieces, and focus on the finishing touches. Good luck and have fun styling!

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