how much weight can an ikea coffee table hold

How Much Weight Can an IKEA Coffee Table Hold?

Choosing the right furniture for your home is a crucial decision. When selecting a coffee table, you might want to consider its weight limit. How much weight can an IKEA coffee table hold?

The Specifics

IKEA coffee tables come with a range of capacities for weight limits, depending on the type of table purchased. However, the maximum weight limit on any IKEA coffee table is 150 pounds.

Safety First

When deciding what to place on top of your table, use the following guidelines to ensure a safe experience:

  • Take Into Consideration Size: Make sure the items being placed are not too large or heavy for the table to handle.
  • Opt For Lighter Items: Choose items such as plates, cups, and glasses that weigh significantly less than 150 pounds.
  • Spread Out Weight: Evenly spread the weight and avoid concentrating all of it on one side. Also consider using the storage spaces available in add

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