how much weight can a tempered glass coffee table hold

How much Weight Can a Tempered Glass Coffee Table Hold?

Although it is a delicate-looking construction, a tempered glass coffee table can hold a surprisingly large amount of weight. Tempered glass has been especially designed to be strong and to be four to five times stronger than standard glass.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered, or toughened, glass has undergone a special heat treatment process, where the glass is heated up to over 600°C and then rapidly cooled down. This process, which makes the glass shatterproof, also increases its strength and resistance to damage.

Weight Capacity

A tempered glass coffee table is capable of holding a good amount of weight. It is especially good at withstanding force that is evenly distributed and pushed downward rather than at an angle. The typical weight capacity of a tempered glass coffee table is around 160-170 kg.

Things to Consider

Although these tables are incredibly strong and can usually carry a good amount of weight, there are a few things to consider before overloading your table. These include:

  • Table Size: Large tables with more glass surface area may be able to support more weight.
  • Table Legs: Be sure to check the strength of the legs supporting the glass. If the legs are not strong enough to support the expected weight, then you may need to reinforce the legs.
  • Positioning: Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to avoid any breakage or accidents.


Tempered glass coffee tables are incredibly strong and can support a large amount of weight, usually up to 170 kg. To ensure the safety of your table, make sure to consider things such as table size, table legs and even positioning before loading your table with items.

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