how much weight can a coffee table hold

How Much Weight Can a Coffee Table Hold

Coffee tables are often the centrepiece of a room. A well-crafted coffee table is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also can come in handy for other practical reasons. When you have a coffee table with ample storage, it makes it even more enjoyable to use. But it is essential to ask how much weight can a coffee table hold before deciding which table to buy.

Factors to Consider

  • Table Material: What material is the coffee table made of? If the table is made of wood, is it solid wood or particle board? Solid wood is the most reliable material, offering maximum support and sturdiness.
  • Table Construction: It is essential to pay attention to the construction of the coffee table. Look for joints that have been glued and screwed together. If there are no screws or nails, then don’t trust it to hold much weight.
  • Table Size: Make sure that you get the right size coffee table for your space. The more surface area you have, the better it will be able to hold heavier items.

General Guidelines

The weight that each coffee table can handle depends on its build and construction, as mentioned previously. But here is a general guideline you can use when researching different coffee tables:

  • Lightweight: If your table is made of a lightweight material, it can usually hold up to 40-45lbs.
  • Medium-Weight: Medium-weight tables like wood, particle board and laminate can usually hold up to 75-100lbs.
  • Heavyweight: Heavy-duty tables such as solid wood or metal can usually hold up to 150-200lbs.

It is important to remember that it is always best to err on the side of caution and not over-burden your table with more weight than it can handle. Overloading the table can create a safety hazard, as well as damaging the table.


You can determine the weight capacity of your specific coffee table by carefully considering the material, construction, and size of the table. However, it is recommended to stick with a general guideline of no more than 200lbs and always use caution when placing heavy items on a coffee table.

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