how much space to allow for a coffee table

How Much Space to Allow for a Coffee Table

When choosing a new coffee table, it can be difficult to determine how much space you need to leave for the table and around it. Here are some tips to help you decide:

Measure the Space Available

The first step is to measure the available space in your living room. Look for an area that is wide enough to accommodate a new coffee table and allow enough room for people to move freely around it. Aim to leave a clearance of 1-2 feet between the coffee table and any other furniture that is adjacent to it.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

When selecting your new coffee table, choose a size and shape that fits the area. A square-shaped table is usually better for smaller spaces, while a rectangular table may be more suitable for larger spaces. Consider the height of the table and the seats around it when making your selection, as you want to ensure your guests can easily access the table or view it from a seated position.

Allow for Extra Room

Finally, it is important to leave a bit of extra space around the coffee table. This will give you plenty of room for objects such as trays, coasters and drinkware, or for guests to rest their beverages on. It also allows for impromptu activities such as board games or crafts.


In conclusion, choosing the right coffee table size and shape can be a tricky process. To ensure that your guests have enough space to move around the table, measure the available area and leave 1-2 feet of clearance. Choose the right size and shape for the space and finally, allow for a bit of extra room. By following these tips you will ensure your new coffee table fits perfectly in your living room.

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