how much space between sofa and coffee table

How Much Space Should You Leave Between The Sofa and Coffee Table?

Decorating a living room can be tricky, especially when deciding the right size and space between your furniture. Placing a coffee table in front of your sofa is essential, but you need to make sure you keep enough space between them to ensure functionality and create the right look.

Space Needed Between the Sofa and Coffee Table

If you’re wondering how much space between the sofa and coffee table is necessary, the general rule of thumb is to leave 20-24 inches of space between the two pieces. This rule applies to many pieces of furniture, as this is enough space for a person to comfortably walk between them.

Depending on the size of your space, you may be able to leave more room between the furniture. Generally, the more room you leave, the more spacious the room will look. Also, consider the size of the sofa and coffee table, as the specific measurements may vary depending on how large the pieces are.


Having enough space between the furniture will also ensure that you can use it properly. You should be able to easily access the coffee table to set down a drink or place food. You should also be able to comfortably sit and get up from the sofa without feeling cramped or bumping into the table.

Additional Factors

Aside from functionality and aesthetic purposes, you may also need to consider your other furniture when deciding how much space between the sofa and coffee table is necessary. If you have a side table positioned close to the coffee table, you may need to leave additional space.

If you have additional items in the room, such as a carpet, ottoman, or other seating, you should consider leaving an additional 18-24 inches to ensure you don’t overcrowd the space.


The amount of space you leave between the sofa and coffee table is essential to creating the right look and ensuring that the room is comfortable and functional. Generally, it’s a good idea to leave 20-24 inches of space. However, depending on the size of your furniture and other items in the room, you may need to leave a bit more.

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