how much should i charge for refinishing a coffee table

How Much Should I Charge for Refinishing a Coffee Table?

Refinishing a coffee table can provide an update to your furniture that will make it look like new again. But how much should you charge for such a job?
The cost of refinishing a coffee table depends on a few different factors. Here are some things to consider before giving an estimate:

Cost of Materials

Materials needed to refinish a coffee table will depend on the original condition and the desired finish. Common materials include:

  • Sandpaper: For removing the existing finish.
  • Stain: For achieving a desired wood color.
  • Varnish:For finishing and protecting the wood.
  • Scrapers: For detail work when necessary.


The amount of labor involved will depend on the complexity of the job. Refinishing a large coffee table with a lot of detail work and inlay can require more time than cleaning and refinishing a simple, plain coffee table.

Cost Estimate

The cost for refinishing a coffee table will depend on the size, complexity, and desired finish. A basic estimate for a small coffee table is usually between $250 and $300, while a larger coffee table can be upwards of $400 to $500.

In conclusion, the cost of refinishing a coffee table can vary depending on the size, complexity and desired finish. It is best to get an estimate based on the specifics of the job to get an accurate cost.

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