how much resin to cover a coffee table

How Much Resin to Cover a Coffee Table

Creating an eye-catching new look for an existing coffee table can be achieved using resin. The artistic potential of resin is unlimited so experimenting with different colours and designs can be great fun. But how much resin is needed to cover a coffee table?

Factors to Consider

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your coffee table and the desired level of coverage. Larger tables require more resin and deeper layers that will cover the entire table by a millimetre or two.

What You Need

To complete the project you will need:

  • Resin – this will determine the finish of your coffee table
  • Pigment powder – to add colour to your resin
  • Measuring cup – to measure out the exact amount of resin required
  • Mixing paddle or stick – to mix the resin and pigment correctly
  • Squeegee / roller – to evenly spread the resin over the coffee table
  • Hair dryer/ heat gun – to remove any air bubbles

Resin Quantity Guide

A guideline to determine the quantity of resin needed for your project is:

  • A standard 60cm square coffee table requires approximately 500ml of resin for a 1mm depth
  • A standard 120cm square coffee table requires approximately 850ml of resin for a 1mm depth
  • A standard 40cm square coffee table requires approximately 350ml of resin for a 1mm depth.

Please note that these quantities are estimates only and that you should always plan to purchase slightly more resin than you require, as too little will provide insufficient coverage.

Be sure to store all resin securely, accurately and safely. Resin should be used within 2-3 days of opening and any unused product should be discarded after this time.

With a little experimentation and practice, you can create a stunning, vibrant and durable finish for your coffee table. Be sure to always follow the correct safety guidelines when working with resin and have fun creating!

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