how much is a sobro coffee table

Prices and Models of Sobro Coffee Table

Are you looking for a new innovative way to enjoy your coffee? Look no further than the Sobro Coffee Table! This high-tech coffee table is great for bringing a modern look to your home and a unique way to enjoy your drinks. Here we will explore the various models of Sobro Coffee Tables and their different price points.

Sobro Smart Coffee Table

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table is the most popular model selling for $899. It features a tempered-glass top and a solid metal base, that doubles as a cooler to keep drinks cold. The Sobro also has a refrigerator drawer, speaker system, blue-tooth capabilities, and a set of adjustable legs making it both efficient and stylish.

Sobro Smart Side Table

If the Sobro Smart Coffee Table is too large for your needs, the Sobro Smart Side Table is perfect for your living space. The Sobro Side Table is smaller and more compact compared to the Smart Coffee Table, so it can fit in tighter areas. It comes with a tempered-glass top and a solid metal base, but also has a double USB port for charging your devices. This model sells for $549.

Sobro TV Stand

The Sobro TV Stand is perfect for bringing modern style to your living room. This model comes with an aluminum base, a tempered-glass top, and built-in speakers to make watching movies or TV a truly immersive experience. It also has adjustable legs and a sleek design, making it a great way to show off your home theater system. The Sobro TV stand retails for $899.

Additional Costs

When purchasing a Sobro Coffee Table, you should be aware of additional costs to budget for. The Sobro requires assembly which may require professional help, which could come with an additional cost. You should also budget for supplies such as screws, nuts, and bolts. Finally, if you choose to add additional features such as lights, Bluetooth connectivity, or other accessories, this will also add to the cost.


The Sobro Coffee Table is an innovative and stylish way to enjoy your coffee, movie nights, and other entertainment in your home. As you’ve seen, there are various models available and their respective prices range from $499 – $899. Additionally, there are expenses associated with assembly and additional features you may wish to purchase, so be sure to factor this into your total budget.

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