how much is a marble top coffee table worth

What Affects the Price of a Marble Top Coffee Table?

When looking for a luxurious, timeless furniture piece to add to your home, a marble top coffee table is an excellent option. But how much is a marble top coffee table worth? Prices vary depending on several factors.


The cost of a marble top coffee table depends upon the materials that make up its frame and base. Metal frames tend to be on the more affordable side, while wood frames have more of a mid-ranged price. For those looking for an ultra-luxe look, diamond-tufted leather bases can command higher prices.


Larger frames and bases mean pricier marble top coffee tables. Prices usually rise according to the size of the table, so if you’re looking for a larger piece for your living room, prepare for a bigger bill.


The design of the marble top coffee table also has an effect on its price range. Those with intricate or ornate designs generally have higher prices. Additionally, models from top name brands will also tend to be pricier.

Where to Buy

Your choice of retailer also affects the cost of a marble top coffee table. Brick and mortar stores tend to have higher prices than online retailers. When shopping online, be sure to factor in shipping costs and time frame as well.

In conclusion, a marble top coffee table can be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands, depending upon what factors you prioritize. Whether your budget allows for the top shelf or the bargain bin, a marble top coffee table is sure to bring a timeless, elegant look to your home.

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