how many pages for a nice coffee table book

How many pages should a coffee table book have?

Having a unique and eye-catching coffee table book in your home can be very inviting and create a sense of style and sophistication. But how many pages should you have in your coffee table book to create an impression?

Size matters

The number of pages that you should have in your coffee table book should largely depend on the size of the book. Generally, a standard coffee table book size is 9- 12 inches in width and 11- 15 inches in height. When it comes to the number of pages, the most frequently used paper sizes are:

  • A4 size with about 64 pages
  • A3 size with about 120 pages
  • A2 size with about 208 pages

So, depending on the size of your book, the page count will vary accordingly. A smaller size book usually has fewer pages and vice versa.


The amount of content you have for your book should also dictate how many pages it should have. If your book has a limited number of photographs or fewer text articles, then a smaller book with fewer pages is suitable. For example, a book with a few pieces of captivating artwork may be better suited with 32 pages. On the other hand, if you have several visuals and texts to immerse the reader, a larger book with more pages should be considered. For example, a book with selections from a photography assignment spanning from one year should include more than 120 pages.


Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget. It is important that you know the right balance between the size of your book, its content and your budget. In most cases, larger coffee table books tend to be more expensive than their smaller counterparts. Having a clear budget limit is therefore essential in deciding the number of pages you should have in your coffee table book.

In conclusion, the number of pages that a coffee table book should have depends on the size of the book, its content and the budget. Knowing the right balance will help you create a coffee table book that impresses everyone.

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