how long should coffee table legs be

How Long Should a Coffee Table Leg Be?

If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, you’ll want to consider leg length more closely than you may think. Coffee tables typically range in leg length from 12” to 18”, but you’ll want to take into account a few factors before you decide which size is best for your space.

1. Height of Seating

The height of the legs should correspond to the height of the sofa, armchair, or other seating that will be used with the table. Generally speaking, the couch should be approximately 2″ to 6″ lower than the table. So if your sofa is 21”, your coffee table’s legs should be somewhere in the range of 15” to 19”.

2. Sofa or Chair Dimension Type

There’s also the matter of whether you’re dealing with low-backed or deep-seated furniture. Low-backed furniture requires shorter legs while deep-seated furniture looks better with legs ranging from 14” to 16”.

3. Room Size

The size of your room should also play into your choice of leg length. If your room is on the smaller side, you’ll want to stick to lower leg heights of 12” to 14”. This will help prevent the room from appearing cluttered and overwhelmed by the furniture.

Final Considerations:

  • Ensure a 2”-6” gap between sofa and table.
  • Choose shorter legs for low-backed furniture.
  • Opt for shorter legs for smaller rooms.

No matter what kind of coffee table you’re looking for, leg length is something to consider. By taking into account all of the above considerations, you can ensure that your coffee table and seating coordinate nicely and look perfect together.

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