how long should coffee table be in front of sofa

How Long Should a Coffee Table Be in Front of a Sofa?

Selecting the right size of coffee table for in front of your sofa can be a tricky task. You want it to be big enough to serve its function, but small enough so that it doesn’t overpower the room or get in the way of traffic walking past. Here are some helpful tips to selecting the right size.

Measurements To Consider

When selecting the right coffee table, it’s important to consider the following measurements:

  • Length: Aim for a table that is about two thirds the length of the sofa.
  • Height: Look for a coffee table that is lower than your sofa, preferably somewhere between 6 inches and 1 foot lower.
  • Depth: Aim for a table that is between 15 – 18 inches deep.

You should also take into consideration the amount of space that you have available, as having more than one table could quickly overcrowd a room and make it look small. If you have limited space, look for a multi-functional table, such as one that has storage drawers or a shelf.

Clearance Around The Table

When positioning your coffee table, make sure to leave a 12 inch clearance around all sides. This will provide enough space to walk past without having to squeeze yourself into the gap. It will also provide enough room for any furnishings or accessories that you may have placed around the table.


Choosing the right size for your coffee table for in front of your sofa can be tricky. But with a few simple measurements and considerations, you can ensure that it fits perfectly and complements the room’s décor.

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