how long does glass coffee last

Does Glass Coffee Last Long?

Glass coffee has long been a favorite among coffee lovers, but how long does it typically last? The answer is largely determined by how it’s stored and how long you intend to keep it.

Impact of Proper Storage

Proper storage plays a major role in how long your glass coffee lasts. To extend its life, store the coffee in an airtight and sealed container, such as a canister or a vacuum-sealed bag. Keeping the coffee away from heat and moisture will also help it last longer—ideally, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, such as a cupboard.

Shelf Life and Expiration Dates

It’s important to be aware of the expiration date on coffee, as this will give a good indication of how long the coffee will last. Generally, dark roasts of coffee may last up to a year and medium roasts may stay fresh for up to six months, while lighter roasts will last approximately two months. Remember, though, that these are just estimates and will vary depending on the type of coffee you have and how it’s stored.

Ways to Maximize Freshness

If you want to maximize the freshness and longevity of your coffee, here are a few tips:

  • Invest in an airtight container with a resealable lid
  • Buy smaller amounts of coffee more frequently
  • Grind the coffee immediately before brewing
  • Keep coffee away from light, air and moisture
  • Clean out old coffee immediately

By following these tips, you can enjoy fresh and flavorful coffee for longer and make the most of your glass coffee.

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