how large should coffee table be

How large should a Coffee Table Be?

When considering purchasing a new coffee table for your living room, one of the most important considerations is size. Knowing the right size coffee table for your living room can make the difference between a cramped and cluttered look and an inviting and attractive one.

Considering Room and Activity

The size of the coffee table you should purchase will mostly depend on the size of the room and how you intend to use the table. If it is a large room full of furniture, opt for a large coffee table but if it is a smaller room, a smaller coffee table is probably more suitable. Also, if it is more of a social space, a larger coffee table may be more appropriate to put drinks, snacks, and magazines on.

Measuring Around the Room

As a general rule of thumb, your coffee table should be no more than two thirds of the length of the sofa. Measure the length of the sofa then multiply this by two thirds to get the maximum size of the coffee table. In addition to this, it should be no higher than the seat of the couch and leave an approximately 12-18 inch gap between the furniture. For example, if your sofa length is 8 feet, the coffee table should be no longer than 5 feet 6 inches.

Choosing a Suitable Style and Design

Once you have chosen the size of your coffee table, it is important to decide on the style and design that best fits the rest of the furniture. Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to pick one with the same design style as the other furniture in the room. If your furniture has rounded lines, opt for a similarly curved table, and a square table if your furniture has straight lines.


In conclusion, selecting the right size coffee table for your living room is paramount to creating a well-balanced and welcoming space. Consider the size of the room, activity, and furniture design, and make sure the table is no more than two thirds of the length of the sofa. Pick a style and design to blend with the other furniture and voila! You have the perfect coffee table for your room.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Size Coffee Table

  • Creates a gracious and inviting atmosphere
  • Offers enough room for snacks, drinks, and magazines
  • Delta of distance between furniture to enhance traffic flow
  • Style and design blends with the other furniture

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