how high should outside coffee table be

What Is the Ideal Height of an Outdoor Coffee Table?

Having a functional yet stylish outdoor area is a great way to transform your backyard. One of the most important pieces of patio furniture is an outdoor coffee table, which not only provides style but also a practical space for food, drinks, and other items.

Measurement Considerations

An outdoor coffee table should sit at a comfortable height. Typically the ideal range is between 18-20 inches, but the right height will vary depend on the furniture you choose and the activities you plan to use the table for. In order to determine the perfect height for your outdoor coffee table, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Seating: An outdoor coffee table should generally be 1-2 inches lower than the seat of your outdoor seating. For example, if you have a sofa and a couple of armchairs, you will want to choose a table that is between 16-18 inches.
  • Table size: It’s also important to consider the size of your table. Generally, larger tables should sit at a higher height than smaller tables, as it makes them more functional and easier to use.
  • Activity: What type of activities you plan to use your table for will also determine the ideal height. For example, if you plan to serve food or drinks on your table, you will want to choose a higher height, around 19-20 inches. This makes it easier to sit and eat comfortably.

Little Extras

Once you’ve determined the right height for your table, there are a few extras that can help make it even more comfortable and convenient. Adding a tray to the top of your table will make it easier to transfer items between the table and your seating. You can also add a few extra cushions around the table for more comfortable seating.

In Conclusion

The ideal height of an outdoor coffee table will vary depending on the size and purpose of the table, as well as the type of seating you have. Generally, it’s best to choose a table that is between 18-20 inches. Adding a tray or cushions can also improve the comfort and usability of the table.

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