how high should coffee table be to couch

How High Should a Coffee Table Be to a Couch?

A coffee table is a useful piece of furniture that can be both functional and stylish. It is often placed grouped with a couch and chairs to give an inviting, cohesive look to a living room or family room. In order for the table to be functional and properly placed in the seating area, it needs to be the right height.

The Ideal Height

The ideal height of a coffee table depends on the height of the couch. Generally, the coffee table should be roughly one to two inches lower than the seat of the couch. For example, if the seat of your couch is 17 inches high, then the ideal height for the coffee table is between 15 and 16 inches.

Another factor to consider is the number of people that will be using the coffee table. If it will be used by multiple people, then a coffee table should be higher than the seat of the couch by around 4 inches. This will provide a comfortable resting height to place drinks, food or any other items that need to be placed on the coffee table.

Types of Coffee Tables

The type of coffee table also plays an important role in finding the right height.

  • Standard Height Coffee Table: Standard coffee tables measure around 16 – 18 inches high and are a great, universal size. If you plan to have multiple people using the coffee table, 16 – 18 inches should work well.
  • Lift-Top Coffee Table: Lift-Top Coffee Tables can be adjusted to multiple heights depending on the need. These are great for families since it offers the utmost in convenience and flexibility for multiple users.
  • Sofa Table: Sofa Tables are typically tall and thin tables measuring 30 – 40 inches high and are designed to be placed behind the sofa, as opposed to in front of it.When placed against the wall with the top of the table at the same height as the back of the sofa, it’ll provide the perfect amount of space to hold drinks and snacks.

Proper Height = Proper Functionality

Finding the right height for a coffee table provides not only a stylish look to the living room or family room, but also ensures there is adequate space around the seating area. With the right height, the coffee table can be the perfect accessory to an aesthetic and functional space.

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