how high should coffee table be to couch

How High Should a Coffee Table Be to a Couch?

Coffee tables play an important part in furnishing a living room, and a coffee table that’s the right height compared to a couch is key. Some of the factors you should consider when selecting your coffee table height include:

Factor #1: Seat Height

The height of the seat of your couch affects the height of your coffee table. Generally, coffee tables should have a height of one to two inches lower than the seat height of your couch.

Factor #2: Functionality

Consider how you use your coffee table. If you often eat on the couch, you should choose a table that’s about the same height as the couch. This makes it easy for food to be placed on the table.

If you are using it mostly for books, magazines, and remote controls, you should select a coffee table that’s slightly lower than the couch, as this allows for easy access when you’re seated.

Factor #3: Design

Think about the visual impact your coffee table will have when considering its height. For instance, if you are furnishing an open-plan living area, a lower coffee table could make the space look even larger.

Also ensure that there is plenty of legroom between the coffee table and the seat of the couch. No one wants to feel cramped in the family room!

In conclusion, the right height for a coffee table depends on the seat height of your couch and the way you use it. Generally speaking, a coffee table should be one to two inches lower than the seat of your couch for optimal functionality and design.
Trust your own judgement to decide what will work best for you.

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